Garden Jobs For Mini Diggers


We’ve already mentioned that mini diggers can remove tree stumps and dig pools in your back garden, but did you know that they can do much more? For instance, if you’re thinking of getting flower beds or perhaps a site for a gazebo, then having a mini digger dig through the tough ground in order to create a foundation is an option. They can also level the area carefully, which is helpful if you want to get a structure built. Perhaps you want a patio or conservatory? If this is the case then footings will be needed. Did you know that mini diggers can be used for demolishing old sheds, concrete and metal? This is handy if you want to get a new upgraded shed put in place! You can also get a pond for your garden. A mini digger will find it simple to get around.


Perhaps you want to put up a fence? A mini digger can quickly dig the holes for you so you can multitask and place fence posts. Manually this can take a while! You can also use these machines to help with garden beds, such as mixing compost and fertiliser into soil to keep it where it needs to be. So, if you need some jobs doing that would take a long time manually, consider us for all Mini Diggers in Epsom.


How Important Are Footings?


During construction work, footings are extremely important due to their job. Their job is to help give support to the structure and foundation and stop settling from occurring. Footings are the support for your entire property and give the correct distribution of weight to keep it strong and safe. If there is an uneven distribution of weight or a lack of support, then the foundation will fail and give issues with the walls, such as sagging. There is also the potential for cracks to appear in the floor, so having the correct footing is crucial to keep the property safe and thoroughly looked after. To keep the house supported, further additional footings can be added to keep support a priority. A professional will tell you what exactly the property needs, whilst giving advice on what needs to be done.


How To Prepare For A Pool!


You may have been wanting a pool for a long time and have decided to go ahead. However, before you get to enjoy your new pool, there is a work to be done to ensure it all goes smoothly. Excavation is not clean work and is noisy with lots of mechanical factors goes on, along with the mess of dirt being pulled up and the likelihood of delays. Hiring professionals is best due to the delicate nature of the work. After all, this will be somewhere you, your friends and family will be going in a lot during the summer, so it needs to be safe as possible.


The ground needs to be prepared properly before any digging even starts. So, you can help them by moving any toys, outdoor furniture or appliances away. The professionals working on your pool will work out the design with wooden stakes for guidance. Any children or animals should stay indoors for their safety, whilst excavation is going on. There will be lots of noise and mess before your lovely pool is finished! If you have neighbours, warning them about the noise will be courteous.


There is a chance of delays, depending on what happens during excavation. It doesn’t always go smoothly, due to what is under the pool area, such as a big rock which can cause obstruction. Any issues are likely simple enough to fix, but it just means you may need to wait longer. Weather is also another issue, so it is best to ensure you pick the right season to start the project! Once things are sorted and put in place, you will soon have the pool you have hoped for, with the work done safely. For more information on Mini Digger Hire in Epsom to help with a new Pool, call us today.


The Importance Of Site Clearance


Demolition or construction projects have an important factor to think about, such as site clearance. You could be preparing the area for a new job or taking away waste that has developed during work. You should ensure there are no risks, obstructions or mess in the way. If you want to make sure a careful, thorough job is done then you should use a professional to clear the area. They will use the correct equipment and the right machinery, whilst guaranteeing safe removal of debris on the site. Everything has to be checked over correctly, to ensure any vehicles used are driven by experienced and fully trained experts.


By using professionals, you are lowering the chance of delays and risks during the project. Things may get overlooked that could potentially ruin the work further down the line if you rely on inexperienced workers. Using a professional service means the job will be carefully planned to make sure everything is done correctly and surveyed properly. This will indicate the correct materials and waste that needs to go, which will help the professionals know what machines and paperwork are needed. They will also ensure that the correct transportation and disposals are arranged. Overall, using a professional company means site clearance will be reliable and safe, meaning your project can go without a hitch. If you need to hire a mini digger in Twickenham for site clearance, give us a call.


The Benefits Of A Mini Digger


If you know how to use a larger digger, then using a mini excavator will be easy. They are a popular choice over bigger diggers, due to the ability of fitting into more compact areas. They don’t make as much noise either, which means in an area where there are a lot of homes, this is a plus.


Mini excavators can be transferred simply to other areas. They are handy, reliable and financially affordable, as the job is faster and accurate, especially if it is alongside the larger machines.


These machines are used for various projects, such as swimming pools, levelling grounds and demolition work. They can also help take out stumps of trees and knock over concrete, sheds and other structures.


Using a mini digger is a good option if you have work that can’t be done with general garden tools or by hand. Any work you need doing will be simple with a mini digger and by hiring professionals to do the work, you are ensuring the safety and experience you need to complete it with precision and efficiency. Call us for all Mini Digger Hire in Twickenham.


Things To Think About When Hiring A Mini Digger


When planning a project, you need to take into account any issues that may arise. You need to think about whether or not there will be any obstacles, such as gas pipes, water pipes or power cables that are underground. It’s important for health and safety that these are found (with a cable detector), to stop any dangerous or pricey surprises that may arise once the work has started. Before starting your project, you should check in with utility and energy companies.
Knowing how deep a digger needs to go depends on what sort of work you are requesting. For instance, do you want your garden levelled, or are you planning an extension of some sort? Are you considering a pool? The project you want done will affect the size of bucket and size of digger needed.
Before the project, the condition of the ground will be considered. Whether it is too soft or solid will depend on what sort of digger should be used and whether material such as tarmac needs to be damaged, as this could mean hiring an attachment such as a hydraulic breaker.
Before work can start, the access to the project area needs to be checked. Will the workers be able to manoeuvre around comfortably without worrying about any restrictions such as height? These are all things that should be thought about before thinking about a project, but if you’re not sure whether or not it can be done, you can get advice first. Call us for a free quote on your Mini Digger Hire in Weymouth.

Why Should You Remove A Rotten Tree Stump?


If a tree stump is left behind, it can cause a lot of hassle. For instance, a stump can be an accident waiting to happen if someone trips over it.


As well as being damaging for your health, it can also damage garden equipment! Each year many lawnmowers get broken, due to blades catching a tree stump.


Having a tree stump in your garden can waste time, because if you’re gardening or trying to mow, having to go around a stump in the ground can be annoying, if you’re in a rush to finish. It can also absorb nutrients and destroy any potential new budding flowers you’ve planted. Any roots that may still remain can damage pipes that are under the ground.


Aesthetically, a tree stump won’t look good, and will take up precious space that is important if you’ve only got a small garden. However, your garden’s health is also integral, as stumps can cause fungal infection within the roots. So, it’s always best to get a professional like us if you need a mini digger in Weybridge, Surrey to remove any old tree stumps to keep your garden looking neat and healthy.